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2016 Cohort

Undergraduate Scholars

Crispus MachariaCrispus Macharia is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Property Studies. Through mentorship from the Equity Leaders Programme, Crispus learnt more about admission to top world universities, and when he joined the Equity African Leaders Programme community, his dream became a reality. Crispus is an active member of the Association of Built Environment Students (ABES), and UCT’s Green Campus Initiative (GCI) and His People Society. Crispus also attended the Baobab Summit in Ghana, representing UCT in the Scholars Council. 


Anniqa EbrahimAnniqa Ebrahim is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Politics, Governance and Law.  Anniqa works with many orphanage and charity organisations. She works within her community to eradicate poverty, uplift the minds and conditions of children as well as provide a platform for continuous reliable resources such as education and tutoring. Anniqa plans to establish an NGO that will help those in her community to get a job, by giving them an education or teaching them a skill, which will provide a platform for future generations. 


Nyasha MashandaNyasha Mashanda is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering as he is driven by the need to see greater availability of electricity in his country. Nyasha believes that every child should have free access to scientific knowledge so, after completing his A-levels and taking a gap year, he tutored economically disadvantaged children in the science subjects. Nyasha has also won numerous international awards for chess. 


Tinotenda MutsemiTinotenda Mutsemi is an undergraduate scholar studying Actuarial Science. He was interested in the idea of risk assessment from a young age as, growing up in Harare, he saw people struggle every day who were virtually helpless to the hazards they faced. Tinotenda used his gap year, before university, to volunteer as a lecturer as most young people in Zimbabwe cannot afford the high cost of education. Tinotenda believes his degree will develop out-of-the-box thinking skills, and make him a strong leader. 


Sinoxolo CotyiSinoxolo Cotyi is an undergraduate scholar enrolled for a Bachelor's Degree with majors in Human Physiology with Biochemistry, pursuing a career in forensic pathology. Tutoring his peers in matric is one of the many volunteer projects that Sinoxolo has been involved in. He also taught computer literacy and maths at Boost Africa, an NGO that works to enrich Africa through education. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Sinoxolo feels it his duty, as an academic, to raise awareness of issues facing LGBTQ, and other marginalised, people. 


Khanyisile Adrianna DhlomoKhanyisile Adrianna Dhlomo is an undergraduate scholar from Zimbabwe, studying Social Work. Khanyisile has been involved in several voluntary works in children’s homes. She is grateful to the MasterCard Foundation for affording her this opportunity as, after completing her studies, she will be able to offer her services to people, professionally. She is aware that social challenges can never be eradicated but believes her services will make the world a better place. 



Clayton SibandaClayton Sibanda is an undergraduate engineering scholar. He is currently taking part in Teach Out, a branch of Ubunye that deals with tutoring students in disadvantaged secondary schools in Cape Town. Clayton has shown great interest in improving other people’s lives using education, by volunteering as a tutor in his former school. He is also an informative public speaker. 


Rufaro MadamombeRufaro Madamombe is an undergraduate scholar currently enrolled for a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Law, Political Studies and Governance. She is passionate about educating young people and is a dedicated member of Students' Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO). Rufaro plans to use her political and legal knowledge to adequately address the education problem in her country, Zimbabwe, and to also empower and motivate the youth to take action. She is a member of Emergination Africa, an organisation that provides young people with access to higher education. Rufaro believes that a well-rounded education from UCT will help her achieve her dream of being an agent for change in her community. 


Nicola JeranyamaNicola Jeranyama is an undergraduate scholar pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science. She was a leader of the first aid club at her high school, and was a member of the Makomborero Zimbabwe Organisation where she was involved in a variety of community service. After she completes her degree, she hopes to return to Zimbabwe to use the skills and knowledge acquired, to help her country.


Dancan AngwenyiDancan Angwenyi is an undergraduate scholar pursuing a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. As a computer science student he wants to address security and help curb terrorism in his country, Kenya. Dancan has been actively involved in his community, mentoring high school students, and young children in his community on the importance of education. He has an urge to change unethical leadership and has started nurturing his leadership skills by joining the House sub-committee of College House.


Postgraduate Scholars

Kefiloe MpaiKefiloe Mpai is pursuing her honours in Film and TV studies. She has a diploma in Video Production from Boston Media House, and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Production.  Kefiloe served as a mentor in the Humanities Faculty at UCT for two years, and, in 2014, as a Graca Machel Residence house committee member, as well as a volunteer for SHAWCO. 


Carol MasingiCarol Masingi is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Social Science Honours in Environmental and Geographical Science, and is interested in urban development and urban governance.  Carol has been part of a dynamic team of Aids and Change Educators in the HIV/AIDS Inclusivity and Change Unit (HAICU) for two years. Carol, a postgraduate representative for the MasterCard Scholars Council, prides herself in helping others to perform better in an academic environment, and enjoys being involved in peer educating and mentoring. She has been a tutor for first-year students in the Environmental and Geographical Science Department and currently tutors the third-year students. 


Ayanda MahlabaAyanda Mahlaba is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Public Policy & Administration. He obtained a Bachelor of Social Science in International Relations, Industrial Sociology and Public Policy & Administration from UCT. Ayanda's current Honours research project explores the performance of local government in KwaZulu-Natal. One of his goals is to bridge the gap between the state, society and academia. Ayanda has volunteered and led numerous student-run development organisations, which make a difference in the education and youth development of previously disadvantaged communities outside Cape Town. He was a volunteer tutor for TeachOut before becoming the subject coordinator for functional English. He is the deputy chairperson for the umbrella development organisation, Ubunye. 


Ellis TsetseEllis Tsetse is a first-year graduate scholar studying towards an Honours degree in Medical Biochemistry. She holds a double bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology. With the skills gained in medical biochemistry, Ellis wants to return to Zimbabwe and play a pivotal role in the health sector. She also hopes to inspire young girls in Zimbabwe, who dream of a career in the sciences.  Before Ellis became a scholar, she co-founded student clubs, became a strong activist for children and women that are affected by HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe, volunteered as a mathematics tutor, volunteered in orphanages and helped create sustainable community projects for youth in her community. She is a member of the HIV/AIDS coordination unit, HAICU, and has been involved in SHAWCO and a number of other societies that focus on helping people of different backgrounds. 


Makhosi MkhizeMakhosi Mkhize is a Postgraduate Bachelor of Arts scholar, majoring in Archaeology. Prior to this, she obtained her Bachelor of Social Science in Archaeology and Gender Studies from UCT. Makhosi has served as a leader at her local church, at the UCT Student Christian Fellowship, and as a motivational speaker and tutor at her former high school. She believes that everyone, especially African women, deserves the same privilege of education. She also believes that education is the best tool that African people can use to fight the challenges they are currently facing. 


Mbatha MolapoMbatha Molapo is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science Honours in Nuclear Power. He is a passionate MasterCard scholar from Lesotho who graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Computer Science and Physics from the National University of Lesotho. In 2015, he served for the Popular Front for Democracy political party (PFD), as regional youth committee representative in Maputsoe, Lesotho. 


Minga KongoMinga Mbweck Kongo is an Honours scholar in Anthropology at UCT, and graduated from the University of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2000, with a degree in Biomedical Science. His interest in African development, led him to anthropology. Minga has worked in the field of emergency medical services, architecture as well as with a few Non Private Organizations. He is currently involved in research with Fixing the City and he manages Caregivers Cape Town, a community based project that provides care for elderly people in the Western Cape. Minga has a strong passion for the youth. 


Zolani GoniweZolani Goniwe is an Honours scholar studying towards a Bachelor's degree in City and Regional Planning. He also holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree majoring in History, Sociology, Environmental and Geographical Sciences. Throughout his undergraduate studies he was involved in various leadership activities on campus, focused especially on student affairs and development. He mentored and tutored first-year students in the Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department. 


Sabelo MpisiSabelo Mpisi is a scholar pursuing his Honours in Social Anthropology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Gender Studies, Drama and Social Anthropology. After Sabelo matriculated, in his gap year, he tutored Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Afrikaans at his former high school, and gave motivational talks to the Grade 12 learners. While working for Standard Bank, he helped the people, in disadvantaged communities in KwaZulu-Natal, to open bank accounts free of charge. He hopes to establish a company or Non Private Organization in order to elevate the lives of the people from his home-town.