Meet the Scholars


Stephanie Achieng

Name: Stephanie Achieng
Nationality: Kenyan
Current place of residence: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Degree: Master of Science in Environment, Society and Sustainability
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Stephanie works with the United Nations Liaison Office to the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is a progress-driven consulting professional with leadership proficiency and experience in resource mobilisation, partnerships and digital innovation. Identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to business challenges are activities that drive and inspire her, and she brings interpersonal skills and stakeholder management the consulting space She is a team player who has developed a reputation as a key contributor through time-management, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Emmanuel Ampomah

Name: Emmanuel Ampomah
Nationality: Ghanaian
Current place of residence: Kasoa, Ghana
Degree: Master of Social Science in International Relations, Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Political Science
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Emmanuel completed a BA in Philosophy and Political Science, and a MSoc specialising in International Relations at UCT. He has experience in researching and analysing foreign policy decisions of states, African politics, democracy and post-conflict reconstruction. In addition to this, Emmanule has expertise in teaching and tutoring at high schools and universities. He is a team player who has worked in multinational and cross-functional teams and can foster strong relationships with both internal and external partners. He is well-versed in public speaking and communication. Emmanuel is always totally committed to his pursuits and passionate about self-development. His goal is to work in civil society organizations in the fields of democracy, human rights, conflicts and development in Africa.


Natalia Dambe

Name: Natalia Dambe
Nationality: Malawian
Current place of residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Degree: Master of Social Science in International Relations and BA Philosophy and Political Science
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Brindley Fortuin

Name: Brindley Fortuin
Nationality: South African
Current place of residence: Edinburgh, UK
Degree: Bachelor of Social Science, Honours and Masters
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Brindley is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, where he completed a Masters in Africa and International Development that focused on the intersection of race, religion and gay identity in South Africa. Born and raised in Atlantis, a Coloured township on the periphery of Cape Town, he known for activist work at a community level, primarily on LGBTIQA+ rights, race and integration. Brindley completed an undergraduate degree in Politics, Sociology and Religion and Honours in Sociology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. During his undergraduate degree, he completed an internship with the Global Citizenship Program and a Research Assistant internship with the Centre for Higher Education and Development, both at the University of Cape Town. Above all, Brindley is passionate about intersecting development with lived experience of gender and race. (More than he likes to admit, he follows several golden retriever and husky accounts on Instagram and volunteers at an animal shelter.)


Crispus Kamau

Name: Crispus Kamau
Nationality: Kenyan
Current place of residence: Nairobi, Kenya
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Honours Property Studies
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Crispus is a Junior Analyst for a property company in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as being an entrepreneur with a finance mind.


Paul Kuodi

Name: Paul Kuodi
Nationality: Ugandan
Current place of residence: Lira, Uganda
Degree: Master of Science in Public Health
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Paul is a Public Health Research enthusiast and academic who is interested in promotion of health in underserved communities and in humanitarian settings. He teaches at a public university in Uganda.


Fezeka Lephaila

Name: Fezeka Lephaila
Nationality: South African
Current place of residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Degree: Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance
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Fezeka works as an Associate Consultant at MasterCard in Cape Town. As a Mastercard Scholar, she completed an internship with an organisation that is a recipient of Mastercard Foundation funding, and felt this was a good use of networks, as well as showing Mastercard's confidence in its Scholars by encouraging these relationships. Fezeka is grateful that Mastercard is confident enough in its investment to create opportunities for Scholars and appreciates the wonderful network for those like her who, in their personal capacities, do not have access to such networks.



Bongane Madolo

Name: Bongane Madolo
Nationality: South African
Current place of residence: Mbombela, South Africa
Degree: Master’s in Architecture
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Bongane is working for the Department of Health ins South Africa, and recently started his own architecture practice doing residential and commercial design work.


Nyasha Mashanda

Name: Nyasha Mashanda
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Current place of residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
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Nyasha is from Zimbabwe and is passionate about leadership because he believes that Africa will only thrive when there is a collective drive among Africans to become better leaders in their societies. He is pursuing a Master’s in Data Science at UCT. He also believes that the solution to the energy shortage in Africa can be solved through the application of machine learning processes in harnessing the energy from renewable resources like wind and solar.




Takudzwanashe Mudzuri

Name: Takudzwanashe Mudzuri
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Current place of residence: Harare, Zimbabwe
Degree: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Law and Psychology, Bachelor of Law (LLB)
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As a Peer Mediator, Takudzwanashe developed mediation skills and through being part of the MCF family, his self-confidence and sound leadership qualities grew. He is a Candidate Attorney at Lawman Law Chambers, Zimbabwe. Taku's goal is to play a role in the development of the African continent, especially the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.


Hilda Namakula

Name: Hilda Namakula
Nationality: Uganda
Current place of residence: Kampala, Uganda
Degree: Master’s in Social Sciences
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Hilda has a Masters in Sociology and works as the Learning and Collaborations Coordinator for Makerere University's Centre of Excellence for Maternal Newborn and Child Health.


Chwayita Ntwasa

Name: Chwayita Ntwasa
Nationality: South African
Current place of residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Degree: Bachelor of Social Science in Politics and Economics, Honours in Social Development
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Chwayita is a two times UCT graduate, with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics and Politics, and Honours in Social Development. She is passionate about education and the upliftment of lower-income areas, and has experience in working with youth, as well as in research, organisation and people management.  Chwayita is fluent in isiXhosa and English and has intermediate-level German.


Michael Okpara

Name: Michael Okpara
Nationality: Nigerian
Current place of residence: Grahamstown, South Africa
Degree: Master of Science in Medicine
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Michael's first degree is from the Federal University of Technology, in Akure, Nigeria, where he graduated with a First-Class (Honours) degree in Biochemistry. He proceeded to the University of Cape Town, where he completed a Master’s in Medicine degree with Distinction in Medical Biochemistry. Michael is studying towards a PhD in Biochemistry at Rhodes University, South Africa. He has over 6 years of teaching experience at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) of education. He is interested in teaching university students and carrying out research in Biomedical Sciences. During his academic journey, Michael has developed the teaching and research skills and expertise required in academics. He is always interested in learning new skills and developing to be better equipped for the post of a lecturer.



Clayton Sibanda

Name: Clayton Sibanda
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Current place of residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Degree: Honours in Computer Science
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Clayton works in Cape Town, South Africa, where he is building his experience in software development.