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The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at UCT assists in connecting mentors with mentees.

Peer mentorship

Each MasterCard Foundation Scholar at UCT will be assigned a peer mentor with whom they are required to meet once a week for at least the first semester of their first year. These mentors will offer their students psychosocial support and can provide advice on a wide range of relevant topics.

Faculty mentorship

Each UCT department offers academic mentorship to all students. The mode of mentorship is tailored to the level of the Scholar, so for example, it will be more disciple and research specific for Masters Scholars than for undergraduates.

Becoming a mentor

For more information on how to mentor a Scholar, please click on this link:

How to apply for a peer mentorship position on the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at UCT 

You can also contact us at info_mcfsp@uct.ac.za